Where the pavement ends

Today’s little jaunt into the Carolina Countryside took the boys (K9s) and me through peach country near Trenton SC. Being the history buff, I had to turn around, pull off the road and snap a shot of a historical marker. This put me back near Edgefield SC.
Fully intending to keep the ride short and sweet and head back home, I instead found myself tempted by that which I was saving for another ride on another day.
Old Stage Road.
One of the oldest roads in the area and a very historical place. During the Revolutionary War a skirmish or small battle was fought at or near Horne Creek. Nearby stands the historic Horne Creek Baptist Church, incorporated 1790 and rumored to be haunted.
Just outside of Edgefield SC, the road begins as a paved and unpainted country road. It winds through open pastures, past homes, what looks like an old large house advertised as a Christmas Tree farm and an unexpected breathtaking vista that would make you think you’re in the foothills of the mountains. Not much farther and the pavement ends. The road narrows to one lane and heads down a long incline.
Standing at the top of the hill, that old history buff gene teased my brain and thinking “why not?” I decided to go a little way down the road. After all, one can always find somewhere to turn around if the going gets too rough, right? Mmm hmmm.
The road itself was scary enough to deter any haints wanting to hang around: rough, having had something like crush and run rocks laid down. The rocks were larger and frighteningly sharp looking in places. Ruts, pot holes and erosion demanded slow going. Heaven help someone meeting oncoming traffic though by the looks of it, the lane isn’t heavily traveled.
The dirt lane parts the hostile vegetation in its campaign to conceal the old wagon road under a carpet of green. It is perhaps, not unlike a creek that briefly parted two armies in their skirmish over it two centuries ago.

An old sunken road bed runs parallel to the road for a short distance, barely visible in the late afternoon light. Despite the growth and the tough drive, the area has a cheery air about it.

The road meandered and took its time showing me its secrets. There was an old bridge over Tobler’s creek. The road lifted from the creek bottom, and there was the church on the left. It’s fenced and locked at the gate. It seemed different, bigger, than I expected from the photos I’ve seen. It’s right beside the road, the cemetery on the opposite side. Just beyond, the road slips down to Horns creek.
Somewhere nearby at this spot way back in the Carolina forests a hot battle took place.
I was unable to stop for photos of the church due to the lateness of the hour, but I did pass and wave at the caretaker, who I would love to chat with. Oh well, that leaves something to do on another Sunday Drive.

Darby, Edgefield SC


Darby, Edgefield SC


Where the pavement ends and terror begins


Christmas Tree Farm


Tobler Creek Bridge. The bridge over Horn Creek is much the same. Near this spot the British and Americans fought some 200+ years ago. It was a loss for the British.




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